portrait sessions
Every woman wants to feel beautiful ~ and I'm here to tell you that every woman (and man) IS beautiful ~ at any age!

I love to discover the true personality of my clients, to ignite the passion and joy that lives in each of them, and to capture these as special moments to admire privately, share with loved ones, or post online for the world to see. My singular goal is to help you feel as beautiful and dynamic as you are, and to find the special spark that makes you uniquely YOU.

I do 60-minute sessions in Marin, California at $135 per session. I shoot indoors and outdoors, and I encourage you to bring two different outfits. 
A few days after your session, I will give you a flashdrive with all of your photos, typically 100+. Yes, they're all yours - unless you give me permission to post one or two here on my site. 

I can also provide a make-up artist who can make you look polished, glamorous, or sultry (additional fee).
Click the link above to schedule your session, or for more information. Please include a brief explanation of who you are and what you'd like to achieve with your personal portrait session. 

I can't wait to hear from you!